Custom Food Truck Fit Outs in Melbourne

Deciding on the type of food truck can be a pain in the neck if you are just starting. Although pre-owned food trucks are comparatively cheaper, they may not offer the durability or the functionality you seek. On the contrary, custom-designed food trailers may seem pricey at the start but are worth the investment. Besides, you have the option to personalise food truck interiors exactly the way you want.

A customised food trailer is the best bet for most entrepreneurs. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place. You will not find a better option than Innovative Trailers and Food Trucks to get custom food truck fit outs in Melbourne. We are experts in crafting aesthetically pleasing food trucks.

Benefits of Custom Food Truck Fit outs

Getting a custom catering trailer interior rather than purchasing a used or a standard food truck puts you in the driver’s seat. With a custom design, you get to decide the layout, equipment and every other minute detail. You are no longer limited by the layout of an existing truck. That is not all. A customised food truck offers numerous other benefits, like

  • Better Functionality and Efficiency: Depending on the type of cuisine you are serving, you would need a certain set of equipment. You are stuck with a limited choice with used food trucks and may have to change your menu. Besides, removing or replacing old cooking appliances and reinstalling a new one is not cheap.

    Instead, custom food truck interiors give you the flexibility to decide on the layout. They are based on the food and customers you plan on serving. This makes everything a lot more efficient and functional.

  • Unique Branding and Aesthetics: Your mobile kitchen is the face of your business. The aesthetic appeal of your food trailer will make your brand stand out without overshadowing the quality of your dishes. Your business will flourish once customers are drawn to you and they discover your delicious menu. Therefore it is essential to customise your catering trailer interior in a way that attracts attention.

  • Adapting to Specific Business Needs: We understand the importance of creating an inviting atmosphere to attract more customers. Even your truck’s interior creates a huge impact on the staff. It should not make them feel out of place. Although we design custom food truck interiors, we also prioritise your staff’s happiness, safety and efficiency.

What Makes Innovative Trailers and Food Trucks Different in the Food Truck Industry?

Our seamless interior fit outs are meticulously crafted to align with your brand’s unique vision. From layout to décor, we personalise every detail to create a space that reflects the essence of your culinary venture. Here’s how Innovative Trailers and Food Trucks can make a difference:

  • Well-crafted layout and workspaces

  • Tailored designs

  • Quality materials

  • Reducing potential issues

  • Expert craftsmanship

  • Value for money

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Trust Guaranteed

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Delivering Excellence

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