Ice Cream Trailers for Sale in Melbourne

Grabbing an ice cream on a hot day or after a meal is very satisfying. Do you fancy starting your very own ice cream on wheels business? If so, we can help. All you need is the right equipment, a branded and functional trailer, some key marketing strategies and a budget. You could end up with an impressive ROI if you know your way around. To get things started, you need to find an ice cream trailer for sale.

Innovative Trailers and Food Trucks can provide you with one if you are looking for customised, durable and unique gelato trucks. We are experienced food truck and ice cream trailer builders in Melbourne. Our team handles everything from concept creation to designing to manufacturing and fit-outs. Based on your requirements, we manufacture trailer units that fit the bill.

We Build Unique Ice Cream Trailers

Custom ice cream trailers are our specialty. We know the best layouts and appliances for such units. This includes storage solutions with unrestricted access or workstations that feel spacious at all times. All this helps us provide high-quality results that exceed all expectations. Besides, our trailers are more than just mobile dessert stations; we design them to match the diverse tastes of the Australian market.

Our ice cream trailers are customised to take your business to the next level. Here is what Innovative Trailers and Food Trucks has to offer:

  • Customisation Options for Display and Serving: When it comes to frozen treats, one size does not fit all. We make sure our ice cream trailers have a variety of display options to present an assortment of toppings and flavours. Our skilled team designs a visually tempting display that adapts to your ever-changing menu.

  • Innovative Features for Ice Cream Storage and Presentation: We incorporate state-of-the-art equipment in the ice cream concession trailer for storing ice creams effectively. The use of innovative technologies ensures that treats stay frozen until served. It also allows you to present these treats in a visually appealing manner.

  • Incorporating Branding Elements for a Unique Identity: Stand out in the bustling Melbourne food scene with our custom ice cream trailer. We help our customers make a brand statement by incorporating design elements in their trailers. To leave a lasting impression on your customers, it is imperative to use vibrant logos and catchy taglines. We ensure that your mobile ice cream stall has a unique identity.

Scoop Up Success—Let Us Build Your Dream Custom Ice Cream Trailer!

Your search for a new ice cream trailer in Melbourne ends here. Innovative Trailers and Food Trucks can turn your dessert dreams into reality with our stalls on wheels. From the way you display your ice cream flavours to designing your brand’s unique identity, we pay attention to every minute detail.

You can expect the following from our ice cream concession trailers:

  • Unparalleled quality and finish

  • Durability

  • Unique designs

  • Fully customised unit

  • Value for money

  • 100% Satisfaction

So why wait until you can buy our ice cream trailer for sale in Melbourne today? Call us on 0435 867 651 or drop us an email at to get started with your ice cream business.

Trust Guaranteed

Trust Guaranteed

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Delivering Excellence

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Client Satisfaction

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