Coffee Carts for Sale in Melbourne

The specialty coffee trend is sneaking into Melbourne’s local convention centre in the form of mobile coffee carts. These pop-up carts equipped with the latest roasting equipment are now serving hot beverages around every corner in the city. As they gain popularity, more and more coffee aficionados are getting into the business of setting up mobile coffee trailers. If you are one of them, we have good news for you.

Innovative Trailers and Food Trucks is a leading manufacturer of custom coffee carts for sale in Melbourne. We are a coffee cart and mobile food truck builder offering a range of customised trailers for sale. These are perfect for either a catering business or to complement your existing mobile food business. Our experienced team designs mobile coffee kiosks that meet all types of specifications. We give importance to functionality and mobility when building these carts.

We Create Premium Coffee Cart Designs for an Exceptional Brewing Experience

Brewing good coffee is an art and we do everything to make it possible. Our custom coffee trailers boast superior quality equipment so you can showcase your barista skills. We also customise the size of the coffee carts as per your specifications or we can plan a new mobile coffee shop concept.

The coffee cart on wheels that we designed provides the ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs. If you are looking to get a mobile espresso trailer to operate at events as a part-time or even full-time, come to us. We take great pride in designing and customising premium coffee carts where we meticulously pay attention to every detail.

Our coffee carts for sale allow you to take the art of brewing to any location. The following features make it possible:

  • Cutting-edge Equipment: There is an overwhelming selection of equipment that you can choose from. We ensure you get what you need to establish a competitive coffee business. From a fancy coffee maker to a sleek espresso machine, our team plans the cart’s layout as per your requirements.
  • Customisable Display: A coffee cart should have a diverse range of coffee delights to attract a larger audience. That is why our custom coffee trailers in Melbourne feature custom displays that curate a menu to suit your clientele.

  • Countertop Organisation and Storage: You have to consider the type of condiments for your customers. Aussies love adding a variety of milk, sweeteners, syrup and spice for flavourful coffee. That is why a proper countertop for display is a must. Our team takes care of this requirement so that your coffee cart on wheels looks clean, organised and well-equipped.

  • Elegant Design and Branding: If you want to stand out in the ‘Coffee Capital of Australia’, then the presentation of the coffee kiosk matters a lot. Our coffee carts for sale allow you to brew coffee in style. You can leave a lasting impression on your regulars and new customers with our elegant cart designs and customisable branding options.

From Beans to Business: Contact Us to Build Your Mobile Café

At Innovative Trailers and Food Trucks, you get a compact and fully fitted coffee cart on wheels to go. We transform your dream into reality with precision and style. Our team is committed to delivering unmatched quality and finish. Plus, you can purchase a fully customisable coffee cart that aligns with your requirements and budget.

Begin your mobile coffee business with our coffee carts on sale in Melbourne. Call us on 0435 867 651 or email us at and talk to our expert today.

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Trust Guaranteed

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Delivering Excellence

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